23 August 2018

The ventilated facade is an external coating that protects the building from weather agents and remarkably increases  its thermal-acoustic insulation; 

It is composed of a bearing metal structure, insulation layer, finishing and as layer natural ventilation air chamber.

In summer, the “stack effect” created inside the gap produces a natural ascension of air, ensuring an efficient disposal of the heat accumulated on the wall by sun radiation.

In winter, the ventilated wall limits the heat dispersion outwards thank to the insulating material and the absence of thermal bridges. The air exchange inside the gap aids the outlet of water vapor coming from inside the building, preventing surface condensate from forming and avoiding damage due to persistent humidity. fore.

26 May 2018

The company "Phoenix Designing Management" participated in the 23rd International Building and Interior Design exhibition Caucasus Build 2018, which was held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 26-29 April 2018.